Callaba Cloud features
SRT, RTMP Server and Gateway
Low latency SRT and RTMP streaming server in your region. HD, Full HD, Ultra HD, 4k and 8k video transmission via SRT protocol. SRT Codecs: H.265, H.264, Mpeg2.
Play SRT in the browser (Beta)
Watch your SRT streams in the browser with unlimited number of viewers. Supports all modern browsers on any platforms: Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.
Re-streaming to Socials
Unlimited re-streaming of SRT or RTMP streams to social platforms (Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, and many more)
Embed Video on Demand
Embed your SRT or RTMP stream on your website. Use our zero-code solution to organize video broadcasting in your infrastructure.
Unlimited stream recording
Record unlimited terabytes of your content in the cloud
Popular clients’ support
Callaba Cloud supports OBS Studio, Larix Broadcaster and vMix
Hardware compatibility
Fully compatible with hardware encoders, decoders and cameras
Scalability & SRT network balancing
Broadcast an unlimited number of streams with the power of horizontal scaling
Worldwide broadcasting
Geo-distributed routing of video streams in 77 countries around the world.
Streaming API
Build your streaming application with a RESTful API. Callaba Cloud API exposes the entire Callaba Cloud functionality via Swagger interface.
And some useful system perks
Network analysis
Intelligent system for diagnosing network problems
Server monitoring
Monitoring server resource consumption
Friendly dashboard
Simple and user-friendly graphical interface
Streaming via old protocols
HD, Full HD, Ultra HD and 4k video transmission via RTMP protocol

For Broadcast Engineers

25 Gbit/s broadband
The bandwidth of our servers is up to 25 Gbit/s per instance, to ensure resistance to high load.
Low usage of client’s processing power
We keep your network from getting overloaded with outgoing streams, regardless of the amount. Your computing resources are no longer wasted, all this work has been moved to the server.
Unlimited everything
  • SRT, RTMP, HLS, MPEG-DASH etc. Create unlimited number of independent broadcasts at the same time.
  • Multi-streaming. Re-stream unlimited number of incoming SRT or RTMP streams to an unlimited number of streaming platforms, with no loss of video and sound quality.
  • Stream recording. Record unlimited number of incoming streams for an unlimited number of hours.
  • For artists and event organizers

    Get more views and monetize
    Broadcast simultaneously to unlimited number of streaming services. Reach a wider audience and make the most out of your content.
    + many more
    Simple set up
    Plug in your equipment and stream your event with high quality video and sound.
    How to set up your online event

    Ready to use high quality streaming

    Callaba Cloud uses the new SRT protocol. It’s specialized to minimize quality loss, which allows it to provide high-quality video transport in low-bandwidth networks.

    Organize your production in a few clicks

    Callaba Cloud Live Streaming is a professional service for broadcasting high quality video and audio over the SRT Protocol.

    In essence, Callaba SRT Streaming is a cloud application that receives SRT streams from a client (for example, from OBS Studio), and redirects received streams to other clients connected to Callaba SRT Server as stream receivers. Callaba SRT Live Streaming works with OBS Studio, vMix Call and Larix Broadcaster and also with full compatible with hardware cameras and encoders

    Why SRT ?

    The SRT Protocol was designed specifically to work with low bandwidth networks. SRT solves problems associated with high latency more efficiently compared to other protocols such as RTMP or WebRTC. The SRT Protocol is a modern, higher quality analogue of the RTMP protocol.

    Restream your data everywhere

    Callaba Cloud Live Restreaming is a professional multi-stream service with a focus on high quality video and audio, as well as streaming to an unlimited number of social networks at the same time.

    What people say about us worldwide

    We thought about trying to convince you how cool we are, but we decided our clients would do a better job.

    Watch a video review from our customer, Mike from Ghana
    We make your content available worldwide
    Callaba Cloud Streaming is based on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure, which has 77 availability zones in 24 regions around the world.

    The wide coverage of the availability of rented servers allows you to optimally configure video delivery, depending on a specific region.
    Friendly dashboard for managing your streams
    Callaba Cloud Live Streaming is equipped with a graphical interface with which you can organize the reception or transmission of video with a few clicks.

    No complicated settings or additional steps are required.
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    Cloud solution pricing
    We offer free 5 day trial period. Try Callaba risk-free for 5 day. Callaba Cloud SRT is distributed via Amazon Web Services with a Pay-as-you-go subscription. You pay only for an hour of using the software product and server.

    IMPORTANT! Amazon Web Services also charges a data transfer fee. Please visit
    Calculate your server
    Video resolution and frame rate
    How clear and smooth your images will look
    Full HD 1080p
    30 fps
    HD 720p
    30 fps
    HD 720p
    60 fps
    Full HD 1080p
    60 fps
    Quad HD 1440p
    30 fps
    Quad HD 1440p
    60 fps
    4K Ultra HD 2160p
    30 fps
    4K Ultra HD 2160p
    60 fps
    Test your network to make sure it can handle chosen resolution
    SRT live streams
    Number of senders or recipients of SRT video streams simultaneously
    Number of Publishers
    Number of Viewers
    SRT Stream Recording
    Number of simultaneously running video stream recording processes
    Number of Recordings
    Multibroadcasting to Socials
    The number of video stream redirects to streaming services (Twitch, Youtube, etc) at the same time
    Number of Re-streams
    Enable transcoding
    Transcode SRT HEVC stream to RTMP H.264
    Broadcasting Hours
    How long stream is going to stay online
    Total Broadcasting Hours
    Optimal Instance
    c4.2xlarge (Recommended)
    Number Of Instances
    Total Instance Cost
    Callaba Cloud License Cost
    Total Cost
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