Turnkey live broadcasting
web services, software
and infrastructure

Product features

Low latency live video streaming via SRT

Organize live production, remote monitoring, live interviews, and video distribution.

Worldwide video CDN

Available in 275 cities and 100+ countries. Streaming server with CDN in one Dashboard.

Pay-per-view live streaming

Organize pay per view streams for your viewers. Embed paid video on your website.

Multi language live broadcast

Create a group player with different audio tracks from your SRT encoder. Allow your viewers to switch between the languages while event is going.

Upload & share videos as live broadcast

Stream your uploaded videos anytime hassle-free.

SRT encoder playback in browser

Supports all modern browsers on any platforms: Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

One live stream - many RTMP destinations

Stream to Twitch from mobile phone & reach your audience anywhere.

Stream recorder

Save your live streams in the cloud so you can access & re-stream your content conveniently.
And some useful system perks

Network analysis

Intelligent system for diagnosing network problems.

Real-time statistics

Monitor critical indicators like bitrate, RTT, latency, bandwidth, drops, fps and server resource consumption.

Transcoding via FPGA

Use Callaba and FPGA accelerator card for lightning fast video processing, like video transcoding

Streaming with backup server

Make sure your stream will go smoothly no matter what with a backup link that does not consume excessive bandwidth.

Ultrafast global video delivery network

We deliver video within 50 milliseconds to 95% of users worldwide, thanks to direct connections with ISPs, HTTP/3 and SRT
Callaba's global video delivery network is available in 275 cities and 100+ countries.

Broadcast engineering & Monetization tools in one Dashboard

All you need is a friendly dashboard. Make business-critical decisions instantly.

No complicated settings or additional steps are required.
Install on any hosting

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